Trade School Institute: Your Future Awaits

Affordable and accessible career training for future HVAC technicians who desire an essential, lucrative job in an in-demand industry.

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Our Strategy

TSI makes career training quick, easy, and affordable.

  • Comprehensive career training with everything you need—and no fluff
  • Credentials necessary to land a high-paying HVAC job
  • Online and on-campus learning options available
  • Graduation tracks as short as 30 days
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Our Founder

Chris Roth

Chris Roth is an HVAC contractor who is licensed in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, California, New Mexico, and Colorado. He has built his own HVAC company from the ground up, turning it into the fastest-growing HVAC business in the entire U.S. for three years straight. Chris has also been a well-respected teacher in the HVAC vocational industry for many years. Now, with Trade School Institute, Chris is focused on training the next generation of HVAC professionals.